A huge celebration for these Canadian Musicians 
Celebrating Canada Day in Las Vegas
Kevin Churko - A two time Juno Award Winner (Ozzy Osbourne 2008 and now 2009 Simon Collins)
Bob Ego 2009 Double Platinum Award from Capitol Records for Streetheart - Streetheart

 Bob Walker, Kevin Churko, Brent Fitz, Mark Kotaska, Mike Newfeld, Toad, David Hahon
Bob Ego, Michale Vassos, Geoff Loughery:

Special thanks to Rock Star "Geoff Loughery" for another successful Canada Day !

Photo provided by Brent Fitz


Kevin Churko & Bob Ego celebrating Kevin's Juno Award on Canada Day in Vegas along with many Canadian friends.
Special thanks to Brent Fitz for the photo.

Kevin's Juno Award for Recording Engineer of the Year 2008

Celebrating the Painter album released on Wounded Bird Records August 11th 2009