Granfalloon (Edmonton)
(written by Bob Walker)

The band consisted of Bob Ego on drums, Wayne Nicholson on lead vocals and flute, Duncan Mackenzie on guitar, Bob Deutscher on guitar and myself on bass.  The name is from a book by Kurt Vonnegut. The definition, in the introduction, is

'A Proud And Meaningless Association Of Human Beings'.

It couldn't have been truer than with this band. Born out of desperation and doomed to failure the band lasted just eight weeks, including rehearsals. In that time we honed a three set show of some kick ass material. However, on the way to our first gig something sparked a change in our attitude and performance art, fuelled with large amounts of alcohol, became our personal drive. We offended everyone and relished in their displeasure. We became the pariahs of the dance band scene and couldn't get any work before we'd barely started. We played only a handful of one niters and a couple of weekends at two Edmonton bars. Anything that we had booked in advance was soon cancelled once the word spread.

In October 1976 we recorded a few sets at one of the bars. It was crudely recorded and one night the recording equipment almost got trampled in a brawl. For the most part we played better than we drank and some of it came off quite well. Most of the original cassette tapes have been lost or stolen but Bob Deutscher managed to salvage one of the good ones and we have a CD of 17 songs.

"What can I say, this was a fun band and the CD sounds great !" (Bob Ego)

Photos provided by Bob Walker

Granfalloon Tour Bus

Bob Ego rehearsing with Derry Stewart and Bob Walker for
‘Machine Shop’ session

The barn where Bob Ego rehearsed with Granfalloon
and for the 451 album

Drums in the bus

At Mameo Beach with Granfalloon. Duncan Mackenzie
and Bob Ego


The stage at Mameo Beach with Granfalloon


Granfalloon on stage at Mameo Beach. Duncan Mackenzie (guitar) and Wayne Nicholson (vocals)

More Granfalloon Photos