....Pictorial Story on Painter

Painter was formed by guitarist Danny Lowe and Dorn Beattie.  We were based first in Calgary, AB, and later in Seattle.  Our music combined a heavy metal approach with countryish ballads.  We were managed by Bob Zimmerman (No not the Dylan guy) who secured us a contract with Electra Records in Los Angeles.  Our first single was "West Coast Woman", which did exceptionally well on the charts throughout North America.  We showcased at the Whiskey a Go Go and went out on numerous tours with Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, KISS, Rod Stewart, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Canned Heat, just to name a few.  One of our New York performances was broadcast on the nationally-syndicated radio program, King Biscuit Flower Hour.  Despite our success, Electra did not like our direction.  We parted ways and moved over to Mercury Records, changing our name to Hammersmith in the process.

l-r: Bob Ego, Dan Lowe, Dorn Beattie, ft:Wayne Morice

l-r: Dan Lowe, Wayne Morice, Dorn Beattie, Bob Ego

Dorn Beattie

Bob Ego

Dan Lowe, Bob Ego, Dorn Beattie &
Wayne Morice.

Bob Ego

In the studio

With my newly refinished Ludwig Maple Drum Kit

U.S. Tour Barry Allen, Dan Lowe,
Glen Widgell & Bob Ego

On the road again.

Barry, Dorn, Dan & Lanny.

Bob Ego & manager Bob Zimmerman

The Whisky: Hollywood, California

I think this was a live performance for
The King Biscuit Flower Hour

Richard's: This is where Frank Zappa sat in with the band. He wrote a couple of songs back stage which we performed live on the air just moments later.  I think I can speak for the band by saying this was an unforgettable experience and truly an honor to perform with Frank Zappa.

A big promotion for Painter at a record store
across the street from The Whisky


Wayne getting down on the mandolin.

Jamming in Detroit.

Jim Gaines engineered and co-produced the Painter album.
The Hammersmith album was mixed in England by Jim Gaines and Dan Lowe.

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Press releases
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The Seattle Times 10-26-1973

The Guide (Seattle) 10-19-73