In Memory of Kenny Shields (October 24, 1947 - July 21, 2017)

Las Vegas, October 26, 2016, Kenny's last visit with me.
Kenny loved the Beatles!!!!




Streetheart, one of Canada's best known bands, first came to prominence in 1976. At their best in a live setting, they were labeled as Canada's #1 touring band for many years. Pounding out a combination of aggressive and strutting rock & roll power ballads, the band played clubs, bars, and arenas from coast to coast, sharing the stage with such acts as, AC/DC, Kansas, Chilliwack, Blue Oyster Cult, Sammy Hagar, and Rush.

Streetheart recorded a total of nine studio albums and one live album for Atlantic and Capitol Records. They topped the Canadian hit parade with a non-stop string of hits including 'Action', 'Hollywood', 'Under My Thumb', 'Look In Your Eyes', 'What Kind Of Love Is This', 'One More Time', and 'Snow White'. They have been showered with Canadian industry honors and their songs are standard on many Canadian play lists today. Their recordings have earned a total of six gold albums, four platinum albums, a gold single, a Juno award, a Chimo award, two Ampex Golden Reel awards, and recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, during the 2003 Western Canadian Music Awards. Streetheart is currently celebrating the 2009 Double Platinum Award from Capitol Records for the Streetheart - Streetheart album. Also check out the new 2009 release THE HITS / ANTHOLOGY.

Streetheart continues to be a vibrant entity. With the combination of a unique vocal style, strong songwriting, steady break-neck rhythm -- the gathering of the very cream of Canadian talent -- Streetheart remain acknowledged masters of straightforward no-nonsense rock & roll.

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