Ed Clynton, Dave Tupper, Kenny Shields, Allen Ayers and Les Bateman.

There were many personal changes during my career in Witness however no one can forget the original Witness Incorporated with recordings like Jezebel, Harlem Lady, So Come With Me
and more.

Kenny Shields, Bob Ego, Les Bateman, Steve Boddington and Bruce Dagenhardt.


Please see my link to Bob Deutscher for more on Witness

Witness Inc. -
l-r: Allen "Skip" Ayers, Craig Kaleal, Ed Clynton, Las Bateman - and in front Kenny Shields

Photos and commentary were provided by Dave Lynes

"HERB (you wild and crazy nut),
Think back.... do you remember skinny dipping at the Imperial 400 in
Regina? Well, you were there and so was I. Need more proof?"

- - Dave (your roommate on the road from the early 70s)

Bob E in hot-tub.jpg (38688 bytes)
Bob Ego

Bob with wine.jpg (66703 bytes)
Bob Deutscher

Dave, Bob, Daryl:
This was (I think) in the Executive in Edmonton. That's me on the left. I've got a little (ok, a lot) less hair now, too. Haven't seen Darrel since those days either.

Guy, Dave at work
That's me and Guy Scott hard at work making you guys sound and look like gods.  Looks like the old PV 8 ch. with dual(!) Shure 4 ch. sub-mixers! Yikes!

Bob Ego and Les Bateman, after a long day in the studio



April 1971
L-r: Les Bateman not shown, Bill Hardie, Bob Ego, Ed Kilbride, Larry Chalmers, Bob Walker
Photo courtesy of: Craig Cheple


The final version of Witness was extremely tight, loud and crowd pleasing.  We toured the University cabarets, bars and beach resorts of Western Canada for two straight years.  We probably shouldn't have broken up when we did, because we were starting to follow different musical paths and already morphing into STREETHEART

Photos from Bob Deutscher

High School in Regina Bob Deutschter not shown on Guitar, Spider, Kenny Shields, Bob Ego, George Martin & Daryl Gutheil

Bob Ego


Kenny Shields & Don Hergot